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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: Quick Money making post: Pilgrim's Bounty

Meet Ohnekase

Deathwing, US
Ok, so I know I said we were gong to talk about guilds, but I noticed a bunch of bloggers posting a great low level goldmaking strategy that is good for this week only.  So, I decided to try it out.

Today, we are going to talk about the Holiday Event of Pilgrim's Bounty.  Pilgrim's Bounty is a 1 week holiday event that allows players to get some rep buffs, eat lots of random food, level their cooking, and get some achievements.

We are going to take note of the cooking portion of this.  Why, you ask, is this helpful for us?  Consider the following:

1) If you want to get a high level cooking, this is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to level it.  So, if that is in the cards for you, it is worth the time for you to do it.

2)  Consider the following recipe:

Wild Turkey is gotten by killing the Wild Turkeys that are wandering Elwynn Forest and Tirisfal Glades.  They are level 1, and the mobs around them are level 5-10.  This is a perfect opportunity, especially considering how many they need for the dailies or cooking.

Daily:  Can't Get Enough Turkey, 20 Turkeys
Quest:  Slow-Roasted Turkey, 5 Turkeys.
Leveling Cooking;  From 280 - 340+, 60 Wild Turkeys + any more they want if they want to try and force it to 350 or so.

So we are talking people needing 20 a day, 5 just while they are doing the quests, and a lot while leveling your cooking.  Lets try and making some money on it.

Turkey Farming

So, we are going to farm some turkeys for roughly 15 minutes.

So for a quick tutorial to get Wild Turkeys.  This is a Wild Turkey.  Simply kill and loot it, and you get your Wild Turkey Meat to try and sell to players.

NOTE:  Hunters have the perk of the skill "Track Beasts", which allows you see the Turkeys on your mini-map.  Also, if you are above level 10 or so, most of the mobs will probably ignore you and even if they do attack you, you can crush them.  Every class can do this pretty easily.

So, with all that in mind, time for the 15 minute dash.

Little bit of an overpull trying to get a Turkey, lol.
They sure are nice putting plucking themselves
for me.
Don't know where a Turkey is?
Fortunately, I am a Hunter and my mini-map does
Roar.  Turkeys should fear me.
I feel like there should be some deep announcer voice that says, "DOMINATING!"
Ouch!  No Good!
Ok, so I am almost at 15 minutes and I have 2 stacks.  Lets see
what we can do with this.

So we stopped just short of 15 minutes, but 2 stacks should show us what we can do.

First, obviously, we need to get to Stormwind.  Then we are going to Bark in chat to try and sell these.

Why do we advertise in chat you say?  We can't sell them in the AH, and we are selling the convenience.  The question is, how much do we want to charge?

Let try something outlandish first.  I am not sure, but I am curious if people on this server will pay 5 gold a piece.  That could make us 200 gold.

Let us be smart about this.  If we just advertise the items, I don't they have as good a chance to sell.  Let's choose our words carefully.  Let's catch there eye.  Something like:

Need turkeys for the daily or the Pilgrim's bounty quest, but don't want to farm them?  Buy from me.  I have 40 [Wild Turkeys] to save you time.  5 gold/ea.  PST.

We have worded this in such a way to appeal to people's laziness.  And believe it, it works.

Lets try it.

Wait, one last thing we can do.  The quest for the Turkey daily turns in at Ironforge.  So perhaps we could go just outside there and  and offer it there.

Here is my exact Advertisement
So, I tried a bit in Stormwind and Elwynn, but I am gonna try Ironforge and just outside to see if someone is interested.

So, check this out.  Not 2 seconds after I hear from a guy cursing my choice in pricing, some guy wants to buys some.  He ended up buys 5 for 25 gold, then asked if I would give him a deal on 20 more (60 gold/ 3 gold each).

Now that I am down to 15 (if I wanted to try it more, I could just go spend 15 minutes to farm even more), I am going to change my tactic.

"Down to my last 15 Wild Turkey.  Selling 5 for 20 gold.  Get your Holiday Quests done."

Lets see what we can get here.

Other Factors on this...

I wanted to get this out on Sunday cause the time to get turkeys is limited, however, I am going to hypothesize something.  On Sunday, someone has the time and willpower to do the Turkeys to get the 25 they need, or more for their dailies, quests, and cooking.  However, if I get 25 on Sunday, 20 Monday, and 20 Tuesdays, by Wednesday, I am less interested in running around and farming turkeys with everyone else there.  It turns into a type something like this

[Achievement Guy]  Uggh, I know I want to finish this, but I hate grinding turkeys.

So, with fewer people wanting to go get turkeys, we have a better chance to sell them.  20 turkeys for 100 gold.  I would bet we are more likely to sell them.  Or maybe we just go ahead and set it up in a deal structure (25 gold for 5, 80 gold for 20).  Either way, I would bet we could sell even more.  Not a bad way.  And at 80+ gold for a low level character, I would say we are good until we start getting flying, even if we didn't make a single copper more.

But we will, I know who we are.


This wasn't what I had planned on writing about, but as several have pointed out, it is good money.  Something quick and easy to get you some good money, I will never complain.  Plus, for the true Goblins among us, there is money to be made on every holiday.  This is just one.

For another item you might be able to stockpile, try getting some Small Eggs.  They used to be used for Gingerbread cookies to give to Santa and used to be going for like 1 gold or more each.

For other good ideas forturkey time, and to give credit where this was pointed out, check out the following:

http://ahgrind.blogspot.com/2011/11/pilgrims-bounty.html :  From the Auction House Grind Blog

http://xsinthis.net/2011/11/pilgrims-bounty-and-world-of-warcrafts-7th-anniversary/#utm_source=feed&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=feed?utm_source=subscriber&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss : From the Golden Crusade Podcast.

http://www.thegoldqueen.com/beginners/practical-guide/pilgrims-bounty-mage-gold-rush/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheGoldQueen+%28The+Gold+Queen%29 : From the Gold queen podcast.

Ok, lets see if we can't get that other podcast I want to get this week.  If I can't I will try and get it out next week.

See ya next time...

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