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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

That is about it. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email to WoW.Ohnekase@gmail.com

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Monday, January 30, 2012

If you are interested, I had a guest post on Power Word: Gold.

So, I am not sure if I have a post coming this week or not.  My life and schedule have been a bit hectic.

However, I did get some time to write a post for the Power Word:  Gold blog.

If you are dying for some me writing, feel free to take a look.


Love ya all, you are great.

See ya next time....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Ohnekase: Profession Series: Jewelcrafting.

Meet Ohnekase, Part 2 of 2

Earthen Ring, US
Ok, part 2 is here.  So lets talk about Jewelcrafting and making some good money from it.

Jewelcrafting, huh?  You want to be a Jeweler....why?

Jewelcrafting (Or JC for short) is a profession that makes Rings, Amulets and, later, Gems.  At high levels, most people will tell you that it pairs so well with Enchanting and; makes you a ton of money, and they are right.  However, at low levels, I believe you can still make money as well.

The fun thing about rings and amulets are that you don't get any really until after level 10 or so, and they are not prevalant til way past level 10.  Seriously, a lot of people have alts in the 20s and 30s that still don't have both ring or an amulet slots.  I know it has happened to me a number of times.  So we can do something with that.

In addition, because we have been buying low on Copper, it will reduce our price.  Even some of the materials we make can be used for other things.

So lets look into the two pieces of it.

Crafting and Prospecting...

One interesting thing about this profession, and others, is that it is both a Crafting profession and a Gathering profession....sort of.  This is because Jewelcrafters have the unique ability to take 5 Ore and break them down into gems.  For example, I can take 5 Copper ore and break it down.  Breaking Copper Ore down gives me a chance of getting any of the following:  Malachite, Tigerseye, and Shadowgems.  These are then used in the crafting, or you can sell them.  However, that does also mean you can look at ore and, if it is cheap, prospect it and sell the gems.  That is really the base of how the Cata Ore shuffle works :P

For more specific values for this, check out the Jewelcrafting page of The Undermine Journal.  This will give you the value of the Ore, the Value of it as a Bar, and the Value of it Prospected.

Of course, on the other side, we have the crafting side.  For most stuff, you need a Jewelcrafter's Kit, which is cheap, and sometimes a forge or anvil.  You can make rings, and then do whatever we want with them.  You also will make some setting and such (Copper wire, Bronze Setting, etc.)  Some of those even have value outside the profession.

But enough talk, lets look at Ohnekase.

Ohnekase, Apprentice Jewelcrafter

So, obviously, the first thing we need to do is train it.  If you are in Stormwind, Theresa Denman (On the Canals touching the Trade District) can train you.  In Orgrimmar, Lugrah in the Valley of Honor can Train you.

10 Copper, that's it.  OK, take a check?
Sweet, i am now a Jewelcrafter.  What did I get for my trouble?

Some Wiring, a little statue, and a couple of rings.  Not great, but lets see.

First, I said that some of the settings and such can be useful.  Well, Delicate Copper Wire can be useful to other professions.  How?

Great, another reagant.  What the heck is Fused Wiring for?

Engineers love this stuff.  And they aren't easy to get.  Lets totally put some of those up.  So, lets do some Copper Wire for start (I also need several of them for later crafts anyway).

So I made Copper Wire til I got to 35 Jewelcrafting, which got me the ability to train for several other items.

Now lets look at rings, and lets see if any of them can make us money.

Ok, so we now have a list of rings that we can make and possible make money from.  Knowing this, lets talk about Threshold.  (And no, I am not talking about what happens if you have 7 cards in your graveyard, though Ohnekase gets +3/+3 if that happens).

Threshold in this context is the idea that we have a bottom price for what we can sell items for and still make money.  For example, if you make an Item and it costs 1 gold, you do not want to sell it for less than 1 gold if you can help it..  If you are trying to profit off of it, as long as you can sell it for more than 1 gold, 5 silver (5% is the traditional Auction House Cut), then you can make money.  So, in theory, your Threshold (also called a floor) is around 1 gold, 5 silver.

Now lets take a look at one of the rings, see what they cost to make, and see what they go for (There are addons that can help with this, but we will start manually).

So lets start with something simple, the Woven Copper Ring..

The Woven Copper Ring costs 2 Delicate Copper Wire and 1 Copper Bar.  Remember that we get Copper for around 15-25 silver each, so lets just go a little over and call it 30 Silver per Copper Ore/Bar.  This will cover the 5% the AH takes.  So, based on our calculations of our cost of materials, we get...

2 Delicate Copper Wire = 4 Copper Bar (1g 20 Silver)
1 Copper Bar (30 Silver)
Tota (1g 50 s)

So if we sell these for 1g 50 silver or more, we can make some money on them.  Are there any up on the AH?

That'd be a no there, disembodied voice.
So, no.  Occassionally, we will see them up for cheap, but for now, nothing is up.  Why don't we try one of those and see what we can make for it

I am going to put it up for 2g 50 s.  The reason is that for an alt (which a lot of low level characters are these days), 2g50s isn't bad, and the casting classes really like Intellect.  Besides, if it doesn't sell, we will be fine.  We can afford a bit of loss if we need to.

Ok, so that is the idea, lets try this with each Ring or amulet I have.

Here we go:

Braided Copper Ring:  2 Delicate Copper Wire = 4 Copper = 1g20s.  None up on the AH, so lets try another 2g50s.

Heavy Copper Ring:  4 Copper Bar + 4 Copper Bar (2 Wire) = 2g40s.  +2 Stam is nice for low level characters (20 health means a lot), so lets try a little higher here.  5 g.

Tigerseye Band:  1 Tigerseye + 2 Copper (1 Wire) = 60s + Tigerseye (which are 4g ea right now).  There are some up for 1g ea, so lets skip it, for now.  If Tigerseye goes down, or the Bands go up, we can try it.

Malachite Pendant:  1 Malachite (50s per, buying a bit to get stock) + 2 Copper (1 Wire) = 1g10s.  There are some up on the AH for 4 gold, so lets try that.  3g 98s.

Ornate Tigerseye Necklace: 2 Tigerseye + 2 Copper + 2 Copper (1 Wire) = 1g20s + Tigerseye x2.  There are some up for 10 gold, but I am going to pass on it for now.  I bet Tigereye will come down, but I will wait on this particular item.

Inlaid Malachite Ring:  2 Malachite (1g) + 2 Copper (60s) = 1g60s.  The ring is up for 15 gold, which is worth trying, cause we can drop it later if the price drops.  14g95s.

Ok, so I posted each of those up for what I said I was going to.  I posted them for 48 hours.  I am going to post this and see then update it when I see where we get to.  If one sell, I will probably craft another and put it back up.

The reason being is that I want to try and move as much JC as I can.  I get money every time, so there is no reason for me to not keep at least one on there as much as long as they are still profitable.


Well, we will get to that.

We got to it.  This is about 24 hours after my JC post here is what we have sold.  I made sure to repost as things sold.

Notice, little items sold pretty well  In fact, I upped the price each time on the Woven to see where it would go.  That is good.

The Emerald Item was me trying out the mogFathers item stuff.  At least one thing sold.  I have been buying a lot more stuff.  Not sure.  I may shoot myself in the foot with it.  But I don't think I will.

I will keep you updated.


Ok, so we aren't quite done yet, but I like to talk about the use of Jewelcrafting.

On my Main Server (which I will talk about later), I have been testing this strategy with my cross-faction character.  I end up moving pieces for far more than I put into them.  As such, I can attest that with some low level profesisons, you can turn minor silly items, or items that have been passed up into real money.  Why do people like Malachite Pendants?  Because it is the best Amulet at lvl 14 and new leveling characters, as well as people who like to play level 14 pvp want it.  So they don't mind paying a bit more to get items which have real benefits to their characters (I am guessing it is the same with the Heavy copper ring.

Dont be afraid to experiment with low level items.  Put one up, see how it sells.  If it doesn't, don't make another and try again.  If it does, put another up and tweak the price.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Eventually, you will probably come up with an equilibrium that you are happy with.

So, join me later as we recap and see how we did.

See Ya Next Time....

Meet Ohnekase: Transmog, then moving onto a New profession.

Meet Ohnekase

Earthen Ring, US
OK, so I told you that I wasn't dead, and that is certainly true.  Last time, I talked about volatility and taking advantage of it.  So, now it is time to do just that.

So, today, we are going to touch on Transmog, but I don't want to spend too much time on it.

Then, we are going to hit another profession at the low level.  Lets look at Jewelcrafting.

So, lets begin...

How is the money...

First things first, lets see how Ohnekase is doing with making the grade.

First, lets take a look at his cash.

OK, so this is pretty good.  1452 gold is past our C Grade.  So we are passing the class :P.  However, lets look at everything else there.  I have a ton of copper, and several pets.  I would bet that if I stopped buying, I could probably go between 2k and 3k if I sold off my stock (over time of course).  Still, I am definitely not done.

Lets take a look at what has sold and we can see what is going on.

This is over the last month.

Nice, lots of stuff sold.  Lets do a quick run over the most of it.

1. Greens:  These were part of my Transmog.  I will go over them in a bit.

2. Pets:  pretty good money jumps.  Nothing that I have to stress about.  They are cheap to put up, and they have been adding money, slowly but surely.  Take note of the Tree Frog Box.  These can be found at the Darkmoon Faire from Flik.  He also has the Wood Frog Box, which is rare, and you can probably get more from those as well.

3. Copper:  Of course, here is our big money maker.  Again, just watching the market we have been able to make more and more money.  This week we are going to put it into other money making avenues as well.

OK, not bad though.  It is going well.  Lets go ahead and talk about what I have been up to.


If you read my previous post, you know that I was going to jump full on into transmog.  After doing it on my main server, and seeing what the MogFather has done, I cannot do it justice.

However, even my experiment wasn't broken.  Check this out.  Here was the way I was looking at doing it.

The MogFather (@DEAtheroth on Twitter) pointed out that the name of the game with Transmogriphication is personalization.  He stated in the Power Word Gold Podcast (PW: G Podcast 24 I think) that Transmogriphication allows people to really personalize there character.  It has the power to fundamentally change the entire way that we look at items.  For example, lets say you are doing a random question and have a choice of greens.  On my very first post, I said that if you cannot make money from it, go ahead and get the one with the highest sell value.  However, now, you can look at what the item looks like and think, "Does this look cool?"

So, my plan for Ohnekase was to look at green items at low cost (under 10 gold I think) and ask myself, "If I were going for a look, is this something I want to look like".

Lets take a look at a few items I looked at. (Note: If you want to do more with transmogriphication, go with the Addon Mogit.  It will give you automatic previews with just the item.  It has been so nice to see all the cool styles).

Love the look of this weapon.  It is a great big cleaving sword.  I love it.

I thought this Bear Claw would be cool looking, and Unique.

I like Cloth Tunics.  I like them if they have a slit down the middle as well.  So I decided to pick this up for 2 gold.

Thought I would see if someone would be interested int he Pirate look.

How did it end?  Well....

It ended ok, I guess.  I sold one item for more than I put into it.  As such, I did make some money on it, but I think I went a little too broad.

Also, I and others have been finding that Weapons are not selling like Armor has.  Not to mention that I have one other handicap on Earthen Ring Horde:  I am competing with the Mogfather as well.  But it is fine.  I love the MogFather and he is awesome.  And honestly, I wasn't really having fun with this on Ohnekase specifically.

So, I kinda let it flop.  I can't say more than that.  Its ok though.  Again, I still made money.  The one item sold for 200 and I also put some of the other greens up for more than I paid for them, so I did get some money from it.  But honestly, I needed to move on.

I would recommend for those that want to pursue this (and this market is extremely highly lucrative), follow the MogFather on twitter.


For specifc items that are good to transmog, Check these out.


And the new Cloth one


Lets get onto what I really want to talk about.


You know, one thing I like about  the profession guides are that they aren't going to share stuff with it.   So for this, I am going to change the title and make this a To Be Continued...

See Ya Next Time.... (and of course, by next time, I mean shortly cause this is a two part blog, I just decided to split it up).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am not dead

So, I decided to post this.

I am not dead.  I just need a bit of a hiatus.  I do plan on doing some more blogs.

So, lets talk about one or two things and then I will go from there.

Transmog....sort of....

First, I said I was going to do a transmogrification post.  After looking over it, I don't think I will do much on it.  I did some Transmog on Ohnekase and will show some Screenshots on the next post, however, I do not think I could give it the same justice as someone else.

Because of this, I am going to recommend someone to you.  This person took the Transmogrification feature and totally broke it in half.  He has made over 1 Million gold (And given it away) based on his own work on it.  In fact, he is the primary reason I even looked into Transmogriphication and started toying with the idea.

The name he goes by is Keelhaul.  He is the Mogfather.  All hail the Mogfather.

His original Blog (Not updated anymore, but great for looking at models):  http://deazeroth.blogspot.com/

His Twitter (Follow him, follow him, follow him):  @DEAzeroth

Flux (aka Jim Younkin) has a few posts on his site from him and they are worth going for:



Ok, enough about transmog, I will look into it more next timeish (that way we can see Ohnekase's Journey).

Change of pace

So, part of my problem on writing this blog has been motivation.  It kinda started with the idea that I was gonna talk about transmog, then realized how good Keelhaul's stuff is.  This thought got my spiralling down, eventually putting me in the place where I am not sure if I am doing anything new or novel, so what is the point.

Honestly, I can say that most of the things I talked about, I have read on other blogs.  Nearly everything I have written about on this blog I have seen something referencing it on someone elses blog and tried to repurpose it for low levels.  There are some exceptions.  The Profession series for Skinning, Mining, Herbing, and Fishing were somewhat original posts.  Not because people don't know about the uses for these as money makers; rather, because most of us gold makers don't look at them much for money making, and almost no one looks at low level mats as a way to make money.

Anyway, I digress.....a lot.  So, feeling that I wasn't doing anything fancy and questioning the point of it all (Real life stress has not helped either), I decided to take the question to blogger/podcaster to whom I respect a lot:  Flux/Jim.  I had a brief conversation with him and felt better after talking with him.  Again, not because he said anything novel, but because he reminded me of things that I really should know.

So, what does that mean for this blog.  For now, not entirely sure.  I know a few posts I am going to do.  For example, I feel that I should do a post about the character I have been making gold with on my primary server.  I have put a lot of time and effort into that process, so I feel I should post it.  Also, I like the idea of the profession series, and think I might try and have some fun with alts on Earthen Ring.  Why?  Cause alts are fun for me and alts can make a lot of money for you.  So, will we keep following Ohnekase?  Maybe?  However, we may be doing weird other things first.

Power Word:  Guild fun...

So, Jim (Flux) decided to try something fun.  Like other money making places (the Consortium comes to mind immediately), he wanted to have a server and a place for people to play on and have a sense of community.  As such, he created the Guild <Power Word Guild>

US:  Lightbringer - Alliance
EU:  Draenor - Horde

So, if you are a new gold maker or an experience gold maker or just a wow player that wants to see some of the gold makers, or you just wanna play with weird (but awesome) people, you can find us on there.

I am on Lightbringer.  When he started it, I looked at the server and realized I had a rogue on that server from back from Classic WoW (with everything, including the Blinding powders, essence of pain, and other now useless items).  I have also been made an officer in the Lightbringer guild to help with new people.

So, let me introduce you to my Lightbringer Character.

Meet Amastacia:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Amastacia/simple

What's her history (I have some of those with the Ohnekase characters I have done)?  Don't know, haven't thought about it.  If you want, I can come up with one and I will post.  Let me know if you do.

She is awesome looking, I think.  I have been having fun in PVP.  I am actually pretty proud of the fact that she got the Wrecking Ball Achievement this week.

What is her plan for making money.  Well, I have been selling several thing as I have been leveling, but my plan for her is to get her to higher levels then look into taking advantage of Alchemy to make some money.  There have been some fun things that I have made money on my main server with.

But, yeah, if you want to join us, feel free.  We are casual and we are friendly.  Just let me or another officer know.  More information is on Power Word Golds website.


Where am I going with this?  I don't know.  However, I am going to try and keep in mind one thing that Jim told me when I talked to him (and I am paraphrasing):  Make sure that you blog for you and express yourself.  If you blog for other people, you will get tired out.

Does that mean that Ohnekase is gone.  No.  I liked the name.  I like the blog.  I even like the idea that it is possible to make money at low levels.  I had a friend of mine this week say that he has less than 2k gold.  He has multiple 85s and maxxed professions and lots of ways to make money.  He just never really did.  So I helped him out a bit and he already had a couple of things that did well for him.

I would like to avoid the concept of having high level tricks, cause there are sites that do it.  However, I may do it anyway if I find something that others have missed it, or if it is under the radar.  In fact, that is why I like the blog Kuja's Gold Mine:  he has a great style and he always tries to post stuff that isn't the easy "Buy ore, shuffle it, $$$".  That certianly isn't a bad way to make gold (and I have made a lot of gold doing it), but it is fun to pursue things that you wouldn't think of normally.

So, I hope to see you again, posting just like I do and ending the posts with a great quote from a Claptrap.

See ya next time...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Huh, hadn't seen this before.

So yeah, that is....different.

So, what does this mean for Ohenkase.  Well, in short, I lose out on the bonus rep, bonus xp, and all the other nice things.

Nothing prolific, but interesting nonetheless.  I may try and look into getting into a high level guild again later, but it was just...weird.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet Ohnekase: Getting the Grade Part : A continuing Journey and a dilemma

Meet Ohnekase

Earthen Ring, US.  Lvl 10 Hunter.
We have met him several times before.  He has recently hit level 10 and seems to be playing around in the Copper Market.  His gold has been increasing, though not crazily, and he is looking to expand his operations some more.  But how?

This week, I am going to try and talk about the general strategy I have been using in the Copper Market (more in depth anyway), but really I would like to see about what more I can do with this little market.


Ok, so first off, let me start by saying that I have been really lax on Ohnekase in the last several weeks.  I try to write some posts ahead of time so the reader doesn't notice the large gaps as much, but I haven't been keeping up on the character.  As such, we may see some less growth than over last week.

Lets check and see what his bags and gold look like.

Not bad.  850 gold is certainly more than he had last time.  The small eggs did sell and I did end up making some profit on those, as did the Leather.

Lets take a look at Mysales in the last little while.

OK, so mostly things we know about:  Copper, Pet Snakes.  There was one or two things I wanted to mention specifically.

1) Cocoa Beans:  So, if you remember a previous post on these, I mentioned that you can get these from the cooking dailies.  I did one daily and got 55 Cocoa beans, which sold for about 45 silver each.  Nothing spectacular, but I only spent 10 minutes maybe doing it, so I will totally take it.

2) Tree Frog Box:  These are purchased from Flik from the Darkmoon Faire.  I saw something from the Gold Queen about it on Twitter and totally jumped on it.  Again, 1 gold buy, 7+ gold profit.  Look for the other frog boxes too.

And then of course, there is Copper, which is what I wanted to talk about.  The Copper market for me shows us a great skill for us gold makers:  Taking advantage of volatility (aka as Buy low, sell high or buy low, sell medium or whatnot).

Market Volatility.

The great and terrible thing about the Auction House in World of Warcraft is that it is completely fluid.  Theoritically, you could find an item one day for 1 copper, then find the same item another day for 1000 gold.  Mats that you sell one day may only be worth 10 silver each, but be worth 1 gold each the next day.  It is that wide open.  And it is that piece that many goblins look into and time and plan.

So, first things first, what causes this volatility.  Lets take a look at a few reasons.

1) Suppliers:  Not everyone is farming the exact same item throughout their careers.  If I am leveling a miner, it is entirely possible that I will sell Copper for 10 levels, then Tin for 10 levels, and so on.  And, while I am trying to sell my copper/tin/whatever, the price, theoritically, will fluctuate just based on the supply I have and am putting.  So, there are times where your supply of a good is just based on who has the item and the time to put it up. 

2) Demand:  How many people are deciding that they need more of a material at the time.  If no one is leveling Jewelcrafting, it is possible for the gem market items to not be very sought after.  After all, if no one needs malachites for making lvl 14 necklaces, what happens to all the malachites on the AH.  The same character leveling mining could also be leveling blacksmithing and instead find that he needs more Copper/Tin/whatever than he is farming, so all of a sudden he demands it.

3) Time:  This is largely related to both supply and demand, but it does make a difference.  As such, it should be mentioned on its own.  The basics on this are as follows:  First, more people play on the weekends.  As such, there are both more materials on the AH and more people wanting to put them up.  Both fluctuate their price.  For those high end crafters, Raiding typically takes place on Tuesday Nights and Wednesday Nights.  As such, before raiding, people want stuff they are going to use during the raid (potions, flasks, food, etc).  After, they will want to be able to make the new pieces of gear they got better (gems, enchants, etc.)  Finally, the WoW pataches completely change material dynamics.  One item may not be nearly as good after a patch, so its prices changes.  As such, these can completely change the dynamic for the items you are looking to post.

4) Knowledge:  This isn't quite a reason for volatility, but it does affect prices, both for good and bad.  If someone gets a rare pet to drop and there are not any on the Auction House, what is that pets value to them?  If they know what to do, they can check theunderminejournal or wowhead or even AHSpy.  But many people don't know and won't check.  So what is its value?  Well, all of a sudden, for those of us that know, we can decide if it is a good value and take advantage of it.

So, volatility is a natural part of the game, and not always a bad thing (depending on who you talk to).  In fact, here is some good advice for buyers.  If you know situations will come up where you need to buy something, take a look at it several times throughout the week.  If you know you are a raider and will need new gems and enchants, buy them before a new patch when they are traditionally lower than after the patch.  Then, when you get new gear, you don't have to worry about paying 3x more than you would have for the same item.

For sellers, this is great advice that I have to teach, and advice for what I have been doing for Ohnekase.  The Copper market on Earthen Ring has been fluctuating.  Here, check out Theunderminejournal graph to show you the past little while.

Date Pulled:  01/06/20112

The blue colored graph gives us the Market Price for the Copper Bars.  Look at it.  Look at how much the Graph goes up and down.  In my view, this is a very volatile market.  The graph itself has highs of 88 silver each and lows of  9 silver each.  That is a swing of 79 Silver, on an item that someone at level 5 can get.  And that is just the graph shown.  I have seen Ohnekase sell them at 1 gold 50 silver each bar.  And these are some that I bought for 20 silver each.  1 gold 30 silver ea Bar is huge.

Great, whatever, so how do you do it?

Ok, so I thought I would split this up cause I was getting a little longwinded.

So, you want to try this.  I would say there are at least four good steps to this.

1) Research your Market

Ok, before you buy your first item, find a market to buy in.  Make sure you know about what goes in and out of that market.  For copper, look at what professions use it and how much they use of it.  If you know what a market is capable of and what can happen, then you can better control it.  You can try to buy a little bit of an item that looks low and try and sell it, to see how it sells.  But make sure you are careful.  Don't lose all your money before you can do anything with it.

2) Time your Sales

So, you think you know, now pick a time and test it out.  If you notice in your research that no one posts from 10 pm - 6 am, but there are some still being bought, try posting then.  If you notice that they don't sell well on Tuesdays, don't post then.  If you notice that there is a competitor that always posts every weekend from sunup to sundown, wait til the week to post, so you don't run into him.

It is really your decision how you want to time your sales, but that is what your research is for.  There is no hard, fast rule that all your stuff has to sell, and much of it wont.

By that same token, time your buying at the times when you know you can get it at a deal.  All of those times I posted different things, those both work for buying and selling.  If there are times when price is low, buy then.  If you find an item for 7 silver when the price is normally 1 gold, buy it.

3) Don't post everything at once

This one is easy for some and tough for others.  Remember how I said Supply affects things?  Well, it does.  If you sell 10 stacks of an item for the same cost as you sell 5 stacks over a longer period, that is going to affect your profit.  So don't worry about putting 30 stacks of 20 copper bars if you only think 10 are going to sell, or 5.  You can also figure out a magic number of stuff to put up.  If you post 2 stacks of something the first day and sell immediately, try posting 3.  If that sells, then 4.  If you don't sell all 4, that might be a magic number.  Patience is a rough tool, but one of the strongest tools you can have as an AH Goblin.

4) Don't get discouraged if something goes wrong

Ok, so it will happen.  Just ask anyone who tries to do the glyph market with other strong competitors in it.  If you can't sell anything, or you just think that you are putting in so much work and not making much profit, don't be discouraged.  It may just be a bad time.  Or, more likely, maybe your calculations are a little off.  It doesn't hurt to reevaluate your stuff, even if you are doing well.  Maybe you can do better.

Another option could be that the market is either not good, or maybe it just needs to be adjusting.  Rather than taking advantage of volatility in the 1 market, maybe you could do a little shuffling and change it up.  For example, maybe copper is taken over by some dumb gold blogger, but the market for Blacksmithing Armors for low level isn't being touched.  Try jumping over to that a bit.  Again, do research and follow the steps, but you can always find markets.

Back to Ohnekase himself.

So, lets look at Copper Bar/Ore specifically right now.

So, this was actually a little later then when I first logged on.  When I first logged on, Copper Bars were 10 silver, and Copper ore was 15 Silver each.

Now lets look at the mean for the server on TUJ.

Again, taking same day.
Ok, so the mean is 34s70c.  So, if nothing else, I can watch and likely make at least 14 silver ea (2 gold or so profit).

Even better, lets look at Standard Deviation.  For those who are not familiar with Statistics, Standard Deviation basically is a range at which roughly 70% of the items fall.  Looking at the Copper Bars, if you take the mean (34s70c) and add or subtract the Standard deviation (26s69c), you get the range at which 70%ish of the Copper is priced.

Even better for us, the closer the Standard Devation is to the mean, the more volatile the price itself is.  What it means is that the range between an majority of sales for copper fall between 10 silver and 60 silver.  So with a little patience, I can make some money on it.  Hence the 800 gold that Ohnekase has.

However, notice one other thing.  I also have a lot of stock.  I have several hundred.  Maybe that can be better served.

Which is where the next part of my post comes in.


Ok, so I got my Copper working great and I spend an aweful lot of time in town.  As such, I am starting to feel that Skinning may not fit into this characters moneymaking curve as well.  As much as I have been skinning, I am noticing that I have not left town much, therefore I haven't really skinned much either.  It did help me when I was gathering Small Eggs, but I feel that something like this could be better served by a different character who is a skinner.

So, now, the question is where do I go from here?  And here is where I am kinda stumped.  The things I do know.

1) As nice as the Copper Market is, sometimes it runs a really, really low streak.  There are times where I log on and see it for <20 Silver Ea.  I certainly buy up the low costed stock, but I still am not as happy with a 10 silver profit, when I know I can be patient and get a lot more.

2) Did you see how much Copper Ore and Copper Bars I have?  I have several hundred of each.  I can certainly use that in the Copper Market, there isn't anything wrong with that.  However, I am thinking that I might be better served to pick up a low level profession and try and make some cash off of crafting.  After all, if I make 50 silver off of 2 bars, or 50 silver off of something made from 2 bars, that is still 50 silver.  Plus it diversifies the market.

3) While this is definintely not a hard fast rule, I think I want to pick up a second profession that takes advantage of my Mining Profession.  Even if I didn't need to go out and mine them, I like being able to look at 2 places (ore and bars) for materials, rather than just the single market.  Diversification can always pay pretty well.

So, based on those factors, I am really torn on where to go. However, based on the 3 criteria (mostly number 3), I am left with the following:

1) Blacksmithing:  Low level Weapons and armors.  These can give me greens to DE on another character, or even try and sell.  I am not sure what the market looks like on Earthen Ring, but it could work.  Finally, I also wonder if I could sneak in some low level transmogriphication pieces that people would be interested in.

2) Engineering:  This profession I find is usually somewhat difficult to find niche markets to buy and sell from.  That is, of course, not to say they don't exist.  Pets are always good marketing and I have seen several people toy with this.  I could also try some low level guns, though I don't know what their margins would be.  Finally, there is a the explosives that you can make, but I have never seen anything on these and whether they could even sell.  Honestly, I am leaning away from this, but I would love people's input.

3) Jewelcrafting:  Ah, Jewelcrafting.  The Profession introduced in Burning Crusade does have me interesting in trying this one out and testing low level stuff.  Low level rings and low level amulets are not easy to come by.  I have had character missing a ring or amulet well into their level 30s, so it could be an underserved market.  In addition, Cold's Gold Factory points out that the Malachite Pendant is a great twinking amulet, for those who are inclined for BG twinking.  Plus, I believe that you can also make Fused Wiring with Copper, which Engineers use for pets as well.  Again, I am strongly considering, but yeah.  <Colds post on Malachite Pendants can be found here:  http://coldsgoldfactory.blogspot.com/2011/12/low-level-jewelcrafting-malachite.html >

So, for those experienced gold bloggers, I would love your input if you would like to comment or Twitter me.  As for others, if you have thoughts, I would love to hear it.  Actually, that is a big piece of this blog:  What do you think I should move onto?  I would love your comments.


So, not much for Ohnekase, and not something that is incredibly prolific.  But it is definintely something that you can use.  In fact, at this point with Ohnekase's cash flow, I would bet I could pick any trade goods market and play with the ups and down.  It doesn't matter that I am only level 10.  Maybe I could keep an eye on the Cata Volatile Market and buy them when they are lower and sell them when they are higher.

In fact, this idea of buying items when they are at a low profit is one of the features that both Auctioneer and Tradeskillmaster work.  So always keep an eye out for it.  You never know where your next gold will come from.

This next week, I want to try something different and interesting.  Flux at Power Word: Gold has been looking into and doing really well into the Transmogriphication market.  Even on a little test on my main server, I have sold some stuff.  So, I am going to try this plan for the next week.  I will let you know where I am sitting next week.

See ya next time...