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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

That is about it. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email to WoW.Ohnekase@gmail.com

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: Making the Grade, Part 3. Rare Mobs and Chests while questing.

Meet Ohnekase.

Earthen Ring, US

Again, we have met before and not much appears to be changed.  And not much is.  This last week, I have not been playing on Ohnekase much.  I have done some things, but not much.  However, I am going to spend some time leveling him today and we will see if we can find something neat to talk about.

OK, so first I want to talk about last weeks sales, but I need to start with something different.  I did not play Ohnekase much, cause I was trying out a different character.  I really got the bug to just play and not worry about anything other than playing.  So I made an alt.  However, perhaps we can talk about him in the future and see what use Alts are (Hint:  They are amazing to have).  Mysales did not capture just Ohnekase's in the last week.  It captured both characters, so I am only going to post the relevant stuff.

Last weeks sales..

First, lets get the ultimate big seller out of the way.

So, this was my big seller.  I found myself going down two roads for this.  Copper this last week on Earthne Ring was somewhat Volatile.  It went from 20 silver each to 3 gold ea.

That is right, 3 gold a bar.  So, what did I do?  Mostly, the same thing I did last week.  Bought Copper Ore (and cheap Copper Bars), smelted it, and waited.  When Copper went above my costs, I started posting a stack or 2 at a time.  That way, I could keep some cash flow flowing and wait for booms like that.  This was some great money.  Ok what is next?

I kept up on pets and made roughly 9 gold on this one.  Not too shabby.

I didn't keep up on Magic Essence, and I should have.  I think this was only 1 or 2 Lesser Magic Essences, which comes out to a gold profit.  Not bad at all.

Can't remember how much strange dust this was, but still.  I think it might have been like 4 of them, which is roughly 65 silver each.

So where does that leave me?

333 Gold.  Also, just for checking purposes, I have a played time of 5 hours.  I would say not bad.  3 hours of it has been AHing, but I don't think that is too shabby.  Also, note that I have some stock.  I still have pets, I have lots of copper, and I have some Tin, in case Bronze Bars or Tin Bars begin to sell (again, look at your costs for those, you can probably buy low, sell high).

Now onto this week.  I think it is time that I leveled, cause well I want to.  So, I am going to do some leveling, then we will see where we are afterward.

Leveling (and after)

Northern Barrens is 10 - 20, so I will level up to 10 then go there.

Huh, now that is different
So, As I was flying back, I got an invite for this guild.  They are trying to be a large guild and this can definintely be helpful to both me and the guild.  I get the perk of bonus leveling and bonuses in several other fields (see my post), and I can help the guild out.  Even if I do nothing else, I will make money for the guild, courtesy of the Cash Flow guild perk.  Plus, I think this will help me get some socialization, which makes wow more enjoyable.

Plus, I think their name and their Guild Tabard look really cool.

So, as I was questing, I did find something to point out.

So, this something that my Addon (Silverdragon) popped up.  Basically, it means that there is a rare mob around.  Rare mobs are great.  They are usually around the level of where you are and they tend to give you anywhere from good white items to greens to blues.  Take this guy for example.  Lets see what he drops when I kill him.

Hmmm, a little disappointing, but not horrible.

So a bag and some copper.  I wanted a green (cause I can sell them pretty well usually), but it is fine.  For doing nothing, it is awesome.

And here is another tip, not 2 seconds after the first one.

Treasure chest.  Woot, I wonder what is inside.
Ok, so treasure chests back in the day were ok, but nothing spectacular.  They used to just have a small green, but be easy to find.  However, these days, if you can find a treasure chest, they are great.  They will drop Blues, which is never a bad thing.  In fact, I have seen guides about looking for chests.

Huh, lame.  not much at all in here.  The Practice Sword is a gear upgrade though, so I guess I won't complain too hard.

On this note, I would love to find some way of knowing where Treasure chests are.  I would love a blog post or something, cause I think it would be interesting to see what kinda gold can be made doing a run around for chests.  If anyone knows let me know.

Ok, so I didn't do too much else other than a little questing.  However, I just hit level 10.  So.  I am going to stop there.  We have a couple of good tips (trust me, it is worth looking into these).

Before we go, I am grabbing some more Magic Essence and Strange Dust, then I am going to post some, we can take a look at my auctions before i go.


Ok, again I understand that we didn't talk about anything ground breaking.  However, there are a couple things to notices.  First, I am well on my way to 3k.  Hell, I got 250 gold without actually doing any substantive work.  Second, Greens and Blues will always sell, and Rare mobs usually have them.  These days, we even have people who buy them for their look (Transmogriphication items sell).  Will the ones we put up sell for tons?  Probably not.  But even if we just got a random green, I would bet we can put it up for 1 to 2 gold and sell it.  After all, enchanters DE magic items for loot.  So, we will keep going.

Until then though...

See ya next time...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great GM comment. Made me laugh.

I had an issue with my Book of Glyph Mastery on my main server and put in a ticket.  The GM was very nice and very funny.  Thought I would post this piece of it cause it made me laugh a lot.

Great work, Blizzard.  You guys work very hard and we really appreciate the help you give us.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: Quick Money Making Post: Winter Veil

Meet Ohnekase.

Earthen Ring, US

Ok, so this post is kinda out of order because I have another Making the Grade Post ready to drop (I like to be a week ahead), however, I read some blogs this morning, saw something easy and amazing, and looked it up myself.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

From Earthen Ring, US

This is on Day 1 of the Winter Veil thing, but I don't want a bump in Small Egg prices to leave me behind.  So, I am doing a quick post to show where I can make money.

Small Eggs...?  Really, do they not have chicken's anywhere for something like this...?

Ok, so well, we know small eggs are huge, here is why.

Not the buttons.  Not my gumdrop buttons.
So, you need five of those if you want to do a quests for Greatfather Winter (and 1 Ice Cold Milk, maybe I should see about that too).

So, remember when I said people are lazy?  Well, they are.  As such, we can get a ton of these and sell them.  So, I am going to take the advice of Vile from his guide Vile's golden auctions (found here:  http://vilesauctions.blogspot.com/2011/12/cookie-season.html)

So, we are going to farm some dragonhawks and we will see what we can find.  Also, note that on Ohnekase, I can also skin and get some leather, getting double money :).  We are going to farm for 15 minutes and see where we get to.

Let get it started.

There were a lot of already dead Birds, cause other people did it.
Skinning still gives me leather, woo.

Lots more skinning to do.

There they are.

AoE Hunting woo.

More killin.

I grabbed some skeletons on the way for some quick XP.
No time at all to do, and I get XP.

OK, so I went over a little, cause I wanted to get 2 stacks, and I was just short.

So, 17 minutes and I ended with 2 stacks of Small Eggs.  I could have done faster and better with mounts and such, but this worked fine.  Plus I got 1 stack of light leather and 1 stack of ruined leather stacks.

Lets sell them...

OK, so I put them up and the Leather up.  Lets take a look at what we posted.

Didn't forget the pets.
Ok, so notice that before I could take a screen shots, one stack of 5 sold.  I will keep on this and try and give more as it comes.


This is kinda an out of order post because of the timing.  Keep this up, I would bet you can make some good money on this.  Besides, it was only a bit of work and the leather and such alone, I bet I could make some money off of.

So, not much else to say for now, but keep looking at these kinds of things.  Remember, people are lazy and will always make room for you to make some gold.

So, next time, we will get back to your regularly schedule blog...

See ya next time...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: Making the Grade, Part 2. The Shuffle.

Meet Ohnekase.

Earthen Ring, US
We have met before.  Last week, he began his journey, done a little bit of questing, and put some auctions  up.  He has been applying the tricks of his parent's trade over the past week (a little each day).  I decided not to do specifics.  Instead, lets see what he has sold, and then I will give you a tip that he has been using all week.

Sales of the last week.

So, after day 1, I ended up selling quite a few things.  My Clam Meat, Copper Bars, Leather, and gems all sold.  But I didn't stop there.  Lets take a look at the items I sold.

In short, Ohnekase has been very busy.  Lets disect this first.  So we sold:

Leather:  The leather sold pretty well.  For what I earned, it was pretty good.  I definitely could keep going on them too.

Cooking mats:  These are usually pretty big sellers.  Boar Meant, Wolf Meat, Small Eggs, and Clam are cooking foods you use from 1 to 75 cooking.  So, this is definitely something to always keep a look on.  Cooking mats sell, that is all there is to it.

Dust and Essence:  We have talked about it before and every single one of those sold for a profit.  I just watched the market and posted them up every time there was profit to be made.  Looks like it did well.

Pets:  I kept up one of each pet up there and look how it went.  I spent 50 silver each for them and definintely made money back there and then some.  I am keeping the pet selling on hand.

Gems:  Gems are usually tricky, but they will still sell.  I have seen them go up and down, but I was still able to unload them as I needed to.

Copper:  I saved this one for last, and for good reason.  This was definitely my primary focus for the last week.  Using copper is the reason that I feel I have been getting so much money.  Now, note that it says that I have made 185 gold from it, but that isn't where I am.  This is the quick tip I want to give for the day.  And for that, we are going to talk about the shuffle.

Shuffling?  Is that like with decks of Cards?

If you ask a gold seller what has been the best tactic for making money in Cataclysm, I would bet that a large portion of them would tell you that it has been the Cataclysm Ore Shuffle.  Lets take a look at a picture of what that exactly entails (I borrowed this from the Consortium Forums, which is a great site for making money).

Ok, so what the heck does this mean?

Basically, we can start with one commodity (which we can get at reasonable or amazing costs), then begin to transform it into other items, all of which end up giving us a lot and lot of profit.  For example, if we follow the top right, Obsidium ore gets prospected into green gems and blue gems, which either become cut blue gems ($$$) or jewelry which we can Disenchant and use those mats....and so on.  Either way, you pretty much can't really lose money from it.

Even better than just full shuffle, you can take pieces of this and make money from it.  For a while, there was a lazy way to do the shuffle, where you just take the ore, prospect, and vendor (at the time, they sold for like 5g).  You didn't need the rest.  It was useful.

I know what you are thinking.  Great, but what the heck does that have to do with copper.

Well, that is what I did this last week.  I sold a lot of copper.  I mean a lot of copper.  But I didn't farm one bit of it after our first post.  Why you ask?

Take a look at this.

So, Copper Bars are 60 silver, Copper Ore is 43 silver.  Which gives us, per unit, a difference of 17 silver.  What this means, in theory, is that I can take 1 copper ore, buy it, turn in into a Copper Bar (1 Ore creates 1 Bar in this case), and put it back up for 60 silver.  Even if I have to put it up a second time and sell it for 55, I can still make profit on it.  Even better, that is for 1 Ore/Bar.  What about 20 ores/bars?  10 silver profit * 20 we 200 silver, or 2 gold.  I can profit 2 gold putting 5 minutes of work into it.  In addition, smelting ore raises my Mining as well, so I get a side bonus there (up to 60 points, you can smelt copper).

So, is it worth it to get 17 silver for no work?  You bet.  And this is just the low level.  You can find price discrepencies across all of your professions.  Are you a skinner leather worker?  I know NerfFaids blog had a point that you can take one type of leather, turn it into another and make a profit (if you choose the right kind of leather, even at 5 of the old leather to 1 new leather, it is possible).

So, my quick tip for the day is look at what you have.  If you use Lil Sparky's Workshop, half of the work is done for it.  It will tell you what the mats cost is for something and how much your auctionhouse database saw it selling for.


Ok, so this wasn't the most novel post for Ohnekase, but to make the grade, I am pullling out what I can.  I want to crush the 3000 gold limit if I can.  But, it is still a great tip.  Always look at your Auction Houses to see what you can do.  I have seen a number of money making schemes that pay off big.  Heck, before 4.3, there was a way to make a ton of gold off of the Darkmoon Faire using only Dense Stone (which is usually pretty cheap).

Next Week, I think I am going to do some more leveling and see what else we can find.  Hopefully, I will have another tip for you.

So, until then....

See ya next time.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: The True Test. Getting the Grade.

Meet Ohnekase

Earthen Ring, US

This week we are beginning something a little different.  We have talked a big game, and talked about all of these different ways you can make money.  However, we have only taken it so far.  And, based on the Poll numbers I received from the poll I did, people would be interested in seeing a Character journey from 0 gold to lots of gold.  So, this week we are going to talk about a new Ohnekase, one that we will likely see for a while.

In this alternate reality, Ohnekase had a rough childhood.  His parents were killed at a very young age and he was raised by Tauren merchants.  For many years, he grew up learning the ways of the spirits and of the land from them.  His foster parents, being merchants themselves, took him into the city and taught him the ways of barter, selling, and, of course, of the ways of the Hunt.  In fact, Ohnekase took 2nd place in the Mulgore Archery competition.

However, Ohnekase knew he was a troll, and knew that his parents had been killed.  He knew that his people had no home.  So, when Vol'jin called everyone to help take back the Echo Isles, Ohnekase answered the call.  He was not strong enough to perform any major feats of strength, but he was able to help around Sen'jin villiage.  It was there that a Troll taught him to tame animals and helped him tame his first Raptor.  He named it Sul'fon, representing his own loner status among the Trolls.

However, we will follow his journey as he both bonds once again with the Darkspear Tribe and uses the tools that his parents gave him as a child to make a living for himself.


Ok, so for me, I chose a couple of specific things.  I created a Hunter on Earthen Ring, and I made him Horde.  Real quick note of why I did it.

I have a lot of characters, but I have never leveled a hunter to any significant level, so I wanted a hunter.  Besides, they make great soloing classes.

I chose Earthen Ring for 2 reasons.  First, I have people I know on Earthen Ring, which is very important.  Second, I have wanted to look into joining the guild AIE, which is the guild that is part of the Instance Podcast.  I have never seen a guild this big and am very intrigued by the concept.  Plus, as we have talked about, guilds are a good thing.

Third, I made him Horde because I like Horde better.  I love Trolls and think they are awesome.  The fact that I don't have a high level Troll is just short of heresy.

UI Updates...

I made some updates to Ohnekase's UI for this experiment.  I didn't put it on this post.  If you are interested in the updates.  Check out this post.

The Test...

So we are going put money making skills to the test.  I am going to use some stuff that we have talked about, some stuff we haven't talked about (I will talk about it when I can), and some stuff that we don't know about yet.

Here is my "test".  We will pretend this is a class and I have been given the final.  The Goal.  Start a character and level it to 40.  Make as much money along the way as you can.  The grade will be given as such.

<1000 Gold:  F.  I will not fail, this is not acceptable.
1000+ Gold:  C.  Not bad, but it is my goal to do better.
2000+ Gold:  B.  Good, but not where I am going for.
3000+ Gold:  A.  I can do this, and this is my goal.

I believe I can get an A on this test, and I fully intend to try.

With that said, lets begin.

The Journey of 3000 gold...

Let's get started.  Obviously, we want to get through the first 5 levels.

Hello, Vol'Jin.  I am sorry to hear that we don't like Garrosh.
I will do what I can to help. 
They do look cute. 
So, I took this pic to point out the Clam Meat that you can get
in early quests.  Note this cause it can sell really well.
So, in the first 5 levels I picked up some clam meat and I got a Small Lustrous Pearl, which also sells really well.

So, at level 5 lets look at what we have, and decide what professions we want.

So, we are in Sen'jin and I want to pick up some professions.  I am partial to Mining and Skinning usually, but lets check a few items on The Undermine Journal for Earthen Ring Horde and see what we can get.  (Also, I did pick up fishing, so I can fish out of pools).

So, it looks like Herbalism and Mining are the most profitable for now.  I like to go with these as well, so I don't really see a problem with that.

Starts with the first step.

We have to go to Orgrimmar to train Mining, but that is fine.  The flight is free and we can try and sell some of that loot of ours.

Lets look at the auctions.

The Mackeral may not sell, but lets see what we can do.  Lets check back later.

Clam Meat sold.  3 gold.
Excellent, so the clam meat sold.  That is good.  3 gold is always a good start.

Now, one thing I want to do is to pick up some Copper Ore, turn it into bars, and sell it.

So, Copper ore was 22 silver for 2 (I can't afford the stacks of 20 yet, otherwise, I would buy that).

Ok, so we are selling 2 of them, lets see where we get to.

Now, I am going to fly back to Sen'jin and continue questing.  While I am out, lets see if we can't find more.

Day 2

So, I spent some time questing.  While I was questing, though, I spent some time farming as well, while I was questing.  For now, my goal is to start with something small, and look into getting myself a little further on the money train.

So lets see take a look at my questing, and we will see where we are at the end.

Don't forget to skin everything.  Leather is Money, friend. 
Not a lot of bag slots, so lets sell in between quests.
Oooh, minimap says there is a mining node.  Gotta go get that. 
Alright, about 1/2 hour of questing and farming, lets wrap up for the week. 

So, I quested and leveled for about 1/2 hour, lets see what we have.

Malachite, Leather, Copper, this should be good.
Ok, so lots of stuff to sell.  In addition, I decided to take my own advice and grab some Essence and Dust from the Enchanter and pick up the Snakes.

So, we will end this week.  Next week, we will see what sold and see where we are going from there.

So, until then,

See ya next time...