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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am not dead

So, I decided to post this.

I am not dead.  I just need a bit of a hiatus.  I do plan on doing some more blogs.

So, lets talk about one or two things and then I will go from there.

Transmog....sort of....

First, I said I was going to do a transmogrification post.  After looking over it, I don't think I will do much on it.  I did some Transmog on Ohnekase and will show some Screenshots on the next post, however, I do not think I could give it the same justice as someone else.

Because of this, I am going to recommend someone to you.  This person took the Transmogrification feature and totally broke it in half.  He has made over 1 Million gold (And given it away) based on his own work on it.  In fact, he is the primary reason I even looked into Transmogriphication and started toying with the idea.

The name he goes by is Keelhaul.  He is the Mogfather.  All hail the Mogfather.

His original Blog (Not updated anymore, but great for looking at models):  http://deazeroth.blogspot.com/

His Twitter (Follow him, follow him, follow him):  @DEAzeroth

Flux (aka Jim Younkin) has a few posts on his site from him and they are worth going for:



Ok, enough about transmog, I will look into it more next timeish (that way we can see Ohnekase's Journey).

Change of pace

So, part of my problem on writing this blog has been motivation.  It kinda started with the idea that I was gonna talk about transmog, then realized how good Keelhaul's stuff is.  This thought got my spiralling down, eventually putting me in the place where I am not sure if I am doing anything new or novel, so what is the point.

Honestly, I can say that most of the things I talked about, I have read on other blogs.  Nearly everything I have written about on this blog I have seen something referencing it on someone elses blog and tried to repurpose it for low levels.  There are some exceptions.  The Profession series for Skinning, Mining, Herbing, and Fishing were somewhat original posts.  Not because people don't know about the uses for these as money makers; rather, because most of us gold makers don't look at them much for money making, and almost no one looks at low level mats as a way to make money.

Anyway, I digress.....a lot.  So, feeling that I wasn't doing anything fancy and questioning the point of it all (Real life stress has not helped either), I decided to take the question to blogger/podcaster to whom I respect a lot:  Flux/Jim.  I had a brief conversation with him and felt better after talking with him.  Again, not because he said anything novel, but because he reminded me of things that I really should know.

So, what does that mean for this blog.  For now, not entirely sure.  I know a few posts I am going to do.  For example, I feel that I should do a post about the character I have been making gold with on my primary server.  I have put a lot of time and effort into that process, so I feel I should post it.  Also, I like the idea of the profession series, and think I might try and have some fun with alts on Earthen Ring.  Why?  Cause alts are fun for me and alts can make a lot of money for you.  So, will we keep following Ohnekase?  Maybe?  However, we may be doing weird other things first.

Power Word:  Guild fun...

So, Jim (Flux) decided to try something fun.  Like other money making places (the Consortium comes to mind immediately), he wanted to have a server and a place for people to play on and have a sense of community.  As such, he created the Guild <Power Word Guild>

US:  Lightbringer - Alliance
EU:  Draenor - Horde

So, if you are a new gold maker or an experience gold maker or just a wow player that wants to see some of the gold makers, or you just wanna play with weird (but awesome) people, you can find us on there.

I am on Lightbringer.  When he started it, I looked at the server and realized I had a rogue on that server from back from Classic WoW (with everything, including the Blinding powders, essence of pain, and other now useless items).  I have also been made an officer in the Lightbringer guild to help with new people.

So, let me introduce you to my Lightbringer Character.

Meet Amastacia:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Amastacia/simple

What's her history (I have some of those with the Ohnekase characters I have done)?  Don't know, haven't thought about it.  If you want, I can come up with one and I will post.  Let me know if you do.

She is awesome looking, I think.  I have been having fun in PVP.  I am actually pretty proud of the fact that she got the Wrecking Ball Achievement this week.

What is her plan for making money.  Well, I have been selling several thing as I have been leveling, but my plan for her is to get her to higher levels then look into taking advantage of Alchemy to make some money.  There have been some fun things that I have made money on my main server with.

But, yeah, if you want to join us, feel free.  We are casual and we are friendly.  Just let me or another officer know.  More information is on Power Word Golds website.


Where am I going with this?  I don't know.  However, I am going to try and keep in mind one thing that Jim told me when I talked to him (and I am paraphrasing):  Make sure that you blog for you and express yourself.  If you blog for other people, you will get tired out.

Does that mean that Ohnekase is gone.  No.  I liked the name.  I like the blog.  I even like the idea that it is possible to make money at low levels.  I had a friend of mine this week say that he has less than 2k gold.  He has multiple 85s and maxxed professions and lots of ways to make money.  He just never really did.  So I helped him out a bit and he already had a couple of things that did well for him.

I would like to avoid the concept of having high level tricks, cause there are sites that do it.  However, I may do it anyway if I find something that others have missed it, or if it is under the radar.  In fact, that is why I like the blog Kuja's Gold Mine:  he has a great style and he always tries to post stuff that isn't the easy "Buy ore, shuffle it, $$$".  That certianly isn't a bad way to make gold (and I have made a lot of gold doing it), but it is fun to pursue things that you wouldn't think of normally.

So, I hope to see you again, posting just like I do and ending the posts with a great quote from a Claptrap.

See ya next time...


  1. Your last sentence, See ya next time... (a quote from borderlands Claptrap) is full of Win good sir

  2. I love reading your stuff an will continue to do so as long as you write.