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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Ohnekase: Transmog, then moving onto a New profession.

Meet Ohnekase

Earthen Ring, US
OK, so I told you that I wasn't dead, and that is certainly true.  Last time, I talked about volatility and taking advantage of it.  So, now it is time to do just that.

So, today, we are going to touch on Transmog, but I don't want to spend too much time on it.

Then, we are going to hit another profession at the low level.  Lets look at Jewelcrafting.

So, lets begin...

How is the money...

First things first, lets see how Ohnekase is doing with making the grade.

First, lets take a look at his cash.

OK, so this is pretty good.  1452 gold is past our C Grade.  So we are passing the class :P.  However, lets look at everything else there.  I have a ton of copper, and several pets.  I would bet that if I stopped buying, I could probably go between 2k and 3k if I sold off my stock (over time of course).  Still, I am definitely not done.

Lets take a look at what has sold and we can see what is going on.

This is over the last month.

Nice, lots of stuff sold.  Lets do a quick run over the most of it.

1. Greens:  These were part of my Transmog.  I will go over them in a bit.

2. Pets:  pretty good money jumps.  Nothing that I have to stress about.  They are cheap to put up, and they have been adding money, slowly but surely.  Take note of the Tree Frog Box.  These can be found at the Darkmoon Faire from Flik.  He also has the Wood Frog Box, which is rare, and you can probably get more from those as well.

3. Copper:  Of course, here is our big money maker.  Again, just watching the market we have been able to make more and more money.  This week we are going to put it into other money making avenues as well.

OK, not bad though.  It is going well.  Lets go ahead and talk about what I have been up to.


If you read my previous post, you know that I was going to jump full on into transmog.  After doing it on my main server, and seeing what the MogFather has done, I cannot do it justice.

However, even my experiment wasn't broken.  Check this out.  Here was the way I was looking at doing it.

The MogFather (@DEAtheroth on Twitter) pointed out that the name of the game with Transmogriphication is personalization.  He stated in the Power Word Gold Podcast (PW: G Podcast 24 I think) that Transmogriphication allows people to really personalize there character.  It has the power to fundamentally change the entire way that we look at items.  For example, lets say you are doing a random question and have a choice of greens.  On my very first post, I said that if you cannot make money from it, go ahead and get the one with the highest sell value.  However, now, you can look at what the item looks like and think, "Does this look cool?"

So, my plan for Ohnekase was to look at green items at low cost (under 10 gold I think) and ask myself, "If I were going for a look, is this something I want to look like".

Lets take a look at a few items I looked at. (Note: If you want to do more with transmogriphication, go with the Addon Mogit.  It will give you automatic previews with just the item.  It has been so nice to see all the cool styles).

Love the look of this weapon.  It is a great big cleaving sword.  I love it.

I thought this Bear Claw would be cool looking, and Unique.

I like Cloth Tunics.  I like them if they have a slit down the middle as well.  So I decided to pick this up for 2 gold.

Thought I would see if someone would be interested int he Pirate look.

How did it end?  Well....

It ended ok, I guess.  I sold one item for more than I put into it.  As such, I did make some money on it, but I think I went a little too broad.

Also, I and others have been finding that Weapons are not selling like Armor has.  Not to mention that I have one other handicap on Earthen Ring Horde:  I am competing with the Mogfather as well.  But it is fine.  I love the MogFather and he is awesome.  And honestly, I wasn't really having fun with this on Ohnekase specifically.

So, I kinda let it flop.  I can't say more than that.  Its ok though.  Again, I still made money.  The one item sold for 200 and I also put some of the other greens up for more than I paid for them, so I did get some money from it.  But honestly, I needed to move on.

I would recommend for those that want to pursue this (and this market is extremely highly lucrative), follow the MogFather on twitter.


For specifc items that are good to transmog, Check these out.


And the new Cloth one


Lets get onto what I really want to talk about.


You know, one thing I like about  the profession guides are that they aren't going to share stuff with it.   So for this, I am going to change the title and make this a To Be Continued...

See Ya Next Time.... (and of course, by next time, I mean shortly cause this is a two part blog, I just decided to split it up).

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