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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet Ohnekase: Going to the Carnival

Step right up, folks.  Step right up.  Come and meet the fantastic Troll Ohnekase.

Earthen Ring, US
We have all seen the great gold-makers working.  @DEAzeroth, @PowerWordGold, @Faidtastic, @AltosGold.  Now, see the magnificent low level gold maker Ohnekase.  He is here today to tell about the wonders of the Darkmoon Faire.  Bring your alts, bring your kids, everyone is invited.

And while you are here, don't miss the great Darkmoon Faire Ponies and Rams.  Get shot out of a cannon, whack gnolls, shoot guns, and for a different flavor, fight to the death in our arena.

And now, without further ado, here he is:  The Troll, the lowbie Ohnekase.

Thank you, Thank you...

So, its the beginning of the month, you are bored and have nothing to do.  You have some auctions up, but you are looking at what else to do.  Go to the Darkmoon Faire.  The Darkmoon Faire (I am going to Abbreviate it to DMF) is a new feature introduced in 4.3 that is an excellent gold making opportunity for those that know where to look.

"But wait," you ask, "the Darkmoon Faire wants me to pay gold for stupid tickets.  I can't get anything from there, its just a dumb island."  And that my friends, is why we make sure to look in places where others don't think about.

So, lets get started on ways to make money in the DMF.

But where the heck do I go...

To get to the Darkmoon Faire, just go see this NPC.

This is the Darmoon Faire Mystic Mage.  For a small fee (which scales based on level), she will teleport you to your factions DMF portal:  Alliance to Goldshire and Horde to right outside Thunder Bluff.  The fee is pretty paltry:  If you are 85th level, its 30 silver.  Low level characters pay much less.

Before you go, make sure to pick up their Darkmoon Faire Quest.  It will give you a Darkmoon Adventure guide and some free stuff.  Very worth it, trust me (we will get to that).

Once you get to Goldshire/Thunder Bluff, go through the portal.  You will then be in a spooky forest (ooooohh...) 

Don't panic, just follow the path.  The signs will direct you to the DMF.  Just don't look too closely at the Spooky eye, it will be looking around.  Speaking of the spooky eye, I am really interested to see what plot points could come out of the Darkmoon Faire.  Maybe the spooky eye is an Old God with crazy plans.  I am excited to see what they do with it.

Go turn in the quest (if you need to) and get your guide.

 Now that you know how to get there (which I am told is half of the battle), lets go over things to do before, during and after.

Before you go to the Faire...

OK, so the first thing I like to recommend is to get your professions (primary and secondary) to at least 75.  Once you hit level 75 in your profession, there are several Darkmoon Faire weeklies that you can go do.  Each of these weeklies will give you XP, money, Darkmoon Faire Tickets, and a 5 point skill up in your profession (which is huge).  It is a pretty good idea to do this if you ask me.

In addition, make sure not to go to the Darkmoon Faire empty-handed.  Some of these DMF weeklies ask you to make stuff, with some of your own stuff.  The following profession quests at the DMF require certain items.

Alchemy:  5 Moonberry Juice
Cooking:  5 Simple Flour
Inscription:  Light Parchment
Archeology:  15 Fossil Fragrments
Leatherworking:  Coarse Thread, Shiny Baubles, and Blue Dye
Tailoring:  Coarse Thread, Red Dye, and Blue Dye.

The rest of the professions should be able to be done without taking anything with you (if I missed something, let me know).

At the Faire...the secret DMF Black Market

There are several things you can do once you are at the Faire.

First, you know how I just listed a bunch of items you need for your profession quests.  Why not take a few of everything and bark in general that you have them for say, 5 gold.  You might get a little trolled, but I guarentee you people will look and go, "Oh shoot, I am a Tailor and I forgot my dye and thread.  Eh, 5 gold is nothing.  It is worth trying.  You might be out 15 silver at max, even if nothing sells.  But I expect a lot will (after all, lots of people have cooking).  Again, you are saving people time.

If you are going to do this (and I would recommend it), I would say to just keep the General chat open and post in it every 5 minutes or so.  That way, you aren't really spamming, you aren't horribly annoying, and you can get other stuff done.  I would bark something like this

"Did you come to the Darkmoon Faire, but forgot your profession items?  Don't wanna go back and grab that [Simple Four].  I have all profession mats for each of the Faire's profession quests.  5g.  PST."

Something like that.  Remind them of the Profession quests, remind them of the items they might have missed.  Worst case, you really aren't out much.

At the Faire...The Tickets.

So the games are just a gold sink right.  Just a place for you to throw money away.  Well....sort of.  The tickets themselves can be traded for heirloom gear, pets, mounts, and replica armor items.  For the most part, the heirloom gear, pets and mounts probably aren't gold makers (though heirloom gear can be a time-saver and time is money, friend).

However, @Faidtastic pointed something very interesting out at the beginning of the Faire:  The replica items are Bind on Equip.  So, for us enterprising gold makers, it might be worth it to, say, pick up the Replica items for sale later on the Auction House.

Now, this is not something I am intimately familiar with.  But I will try it out and see what we can.  Transmog is huge right now, and I think there is a market for it.

At the Faire...Frogs.

Meet Flik

Borrowed from Wowwiki
He is a little Orc boy who is selling items.  He has 2 pets you can buy from him:  The Tree Frog Box and the Wood Frog Box.  What better way to use those than to sell them on the Auction House.  While you are running around, look for him and pick up a couple of Frogs, they are worth a little bit at least :).

He also has Heavy Leather Balls for like 20 copper.  I would love to try and make a market out of those (cause they are so cheap), but I am not sure if they would sell.  Anyone wanna try and it let me know, could be fun.

At the Faire...Farming.

Ok, so here is fantastic way to get some good money from the Darkmoon Faire:  Ignore the faire.  It sounds crazy, I know, but lets look at the island itself.

Head down to the docks and just run around the the southern part of the island, then run the up western part.  What do you see?

First, we see crabs.  Darkmoon Tide Crawlers, I believe.  They are pretty low level @ 10 and 11.  We can kill them.  They drop Crawler Meat and Crawler Claws.  Those are good for Cooking.  Cooking is a good thing, and people want items they can push past.  (I think it is somewhere between 50-100).

So while you are collecting those, what do you see in the water?  well there is open water and a bunch of planks and such.  Wait a minute, that isn't just random planks.  Those are actual "schools".  Back when I was talking about fishing, I said that you can fish from schools and are guarenteed to catch stuff.  It doesn't matter if you have 1 fishing or 525 fishing, you will get a catch from those.

So what do you get from this: 


I figured I would just link you over to els extreme anglin, cause it has everything.  But lets list it here.

Cata Food and Darkmoon Faire Food (we can sell this to vendors usually, but still...)
Embersilk Cloth (at least 2 gold each)
Cata herbs (these are very volatile in price.  I have seen them as low as 75s ea and as high as 15 g ea.  Avg is usually 3-5 gold.)
Cata Ore (usually around 2-7 gold ea)
Small chance of potions, elixirs, leather, and volatiles (all of which can sell pretty well).

So, you can literally spend 1 hour running up and down the shores, killing crabs, and fishing and walk away with 100s of gold worth of stuff.  And we didn't have to do much to get it.  I call that a win.

Other things you can do at the Faire...

For now, I am just going to reserve this slot, cause I think there might be more at the Faire itself.  If you have anything to add to this, comment, email or just drop me a line.  I want this to be a better guide.

With the Darkmoon Adventure Guide, Gold can show up in other places.

What do I mean here?  Well, that Darkmoon Adventure Guide I told you to hold onto.  Well, keep it in your inventory.  When you have it in your inventory, you have a change to get a Blue quest item from Instance Bosses, Player Corpses in Battlegrounds, and raids.  The kills themselves have to be your appropriate level, but the drop rate is pretty good.  And they can sell ok, depending on the markets on your server.

On Power Word Guild, My Rogue PVPed a lot.  As such, I ended up with a lot of the three Darkmoon Faire Quest Items, and they sold for a while between 10 gold and 50 gold ea.  Not great, but not bad at all either.

If you are running Heroic Dungeons at 85, keep an eye out for the Treatise of Strategy, as that usually pulls a goodly amount due to its rarity right now.

So lets get Ohnekase to the Faire...

So, Ohnekase is going to visit the Darkmoon Faire, do the game, and spend about 1/2 hour fishing and farming.  Let's see what we can get from it.

Here we go...

Starting gold:  5119g 47s 11c

So, first, i am going to grab a few trade goods to see if I can catch anyone needing te professions.  Because it is Monday morning, I am not expecting much, but I will try.

Now to the Mystic Mage to get to the DMF.

Once I am in here, I am going to start barking every five minutes or so that I have the professions items if they forgot them.  My macro is going to be something like this

"/1 Did you forget your items to turn into the DMF?  Get them delivered.  I have the mats for the profession quests.  5g, PST."

OK, next I am going to go in and do what profession quests I can.  Its worth XP and $$$.  Plus I am going to see if Flik is around.

So, for profession quests, I can only do the Mining one, cause my Jewelcrafting and other professions are not high enough.  Oh well, I can do it next month.

Ok, now for the big money maker.  I am going to give myself an imposed 15 minute fishing limit so we can see how well I do in 15 min.   For this I am just going to run up and down the coast and fish from any of the crates that pop up.

Here we go:

Hmmm, so we are at a strange spot.  We have at least 1 other person fishing for these with us, possibly 2.  Both have mounts and likely the ability to track fish.  I do not.   I am thinking I may wait an hour or so.  If you were doing this, i would just recommend going and doing other stuff for a big, then coming back to this. So I think I will revisit this shortly.

Also, you can look at coming back here on times and days when fewer people are at the DMF anyway.  Times like Tuesday nights (people are raiding), anytime during the AM (people are sleeping, etc.  More or less, just keep an eye on your server specifically.

So, we will be right back.

OK, so we went up and down the beach.  It took me about 7 or 8 minutes.  I found probably 6 or 7 crates of stuff.  It is a lot of stuff.  So we will just call it there (that way I kinda hit about 15 mintutes with the time I spent earlier) and it was still profitable.

So, lets go to Thunder Bluff and sell a few things at the AH.

These were just a couple of nice things to sell.  They are selling for decent, so I will try.  If they don't sell, I wont lose sleep over it.  Lets look at the whole auction.

Ok, so we will check up on this later, but post it for now.


As I am finishing up writing this, I thought I would post the first part of later.

So, I will update with screen shots and we will go from there.


So yeah, the DMF is incredibly good for getting some good capital.  In 15 minutes of fishing (ish) I can pull probably over 100 gold.  For a low level with nothing, and little investment, that is huge.  I will keep you updated.  Try it out this or next month.

So until next time.

See ya next time...


This is a great low level goldmaking tip and I need to give props to @Powerwordgold and @faidtastic for their tips on these.  It fits really well with my blog, but I think I heard it from them first.  Make sure you check out other posts on this as well.  Mine is just the piece of the pile.  Cause this is a great low level goldmaking tip.

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