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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet MsOhnekase....on Deathwing: Week One

So, I have an hour or so this morning, so lets begin.  I will try and chronicle this (hmmm, maybe I will do this as a Twitch.tv later.....you can all let me know what you wanna do.)

Day One

Got some hot water boiling for some tea, lets get into it.

We have nothing.  We have 2 characters:  a level 1 bank toon and a level 49 Prot Paladin.  Our paladin, Gondamer, has Tailoring and Enchanting and some tanking blues that need repairing.  So, lets look at our options for this morning.

1) We can go get low level stuff.  Linen Cloth, Chunks of Boar Meat, and low level greens can all make us some gold.

2) We could also use this to solo a low level dungeon.  it would be about 15-20 minutes and would get us a lot of cloth and greens.

3) Or, we can insta-queue a lvl 49 dungeon, get 1g65s, possible quests, and greens and some cloth, all while leveling.

Honestly, I think I am going for option 3.  So lets do it.

I instant queued for Blackrock Depths.  Lets see what I can get from it.

Special note:  If you are a Disenchanter, greed on everything instead of disenchanting.  The Guild perk Bountiful Bags applies to stuff you disenchant, but will not apply to pressing the Disenchant button.

Here is what I ended up with...

Most of it I am going to vendor.  I am going to keep the Runecloth cause I am a tailor and I can probably use it, but everything else I will vendor.  The Blue item I thought about disenchanting, but I vendored instead for 2 reasons: it vendors for 1g90s and the DE value is 2g00s.  As such, not worth a DE.

Now, I am going to run one more and then I am going to put my plan in order.  I will explain either today or tomorrow.

Sweet, got Undead Side Strathholme.  Haven't done those quests yet.  So we get a lot of stuff.  Things of notw are Revenant shoulders (a low tier Transmog piece, but a cool set), Dream dust from a useless green, some more runecloth and mageweave, and some offspec healing plate.  After everything totalled we hit 50 and have 23 gold.

No new training at 50, just a couple new glyphs.  So, lets buy some stuff.  Lets get some vendor stuff and see what we can do with it in SW.

Cat Carrier (White Kitten)
Cat Carrier (Bombay)
Cat Carrier  (Cornish Rex)
Cat Carrier  (Orange Tabby)
Cat Carrier  (Silver Tabby)
All the Cooking recipe's in old town.

These are all going to go to MsOhnekase for selling.  Then we are done with Gondamer.  All we are gonna do is post and we will be done for the morning and probably the day.

After remembering that Msohnekase needs money to post, I posted everything, and now I am going to log off for the day.

So, for now, I think we are done.  Questions, comments, suggestions, maybe if you want to see livestream of it (I will have to look into it anyway, but if you guys want, happy to do it), let me know.

Day 2

So I get up and try and jump in and....right, it is tuesday, so they are doing realm restarts :(.  Oh well, after an hour I can now get in.  Lets collect any auctions we might have and get started.

Ok, no auctions.....nothing sold.  That is ok, I only paid a few gold for them anyway.  They will sell eventually, its what they do.  However, because the White kitten is a limited quantity, I am gonna go pick up one on Msohnekase.

Onto Gondamer.  So, what are we doing with him, you ask?  Well, first we are going to do the cooking daily so we can get a chef's award and see if we can sell the Cocoa beans we can get from it.  I got 40 Beans and put them up for a gold (there weren't any up so I can kinda set the price).  Ok, time to move on.

Then we move on.

So, what is this plan I have for Gondamer?  Well, being at level 50, it gives him the perfect opportunity to quest in an area and work towards a potential gold mine of money:  Enchanting recipes.  Not just any recipe, heirloom recipes.


This baby is the staple for rogues and some hunters for their heirloom weapons.  +15 Agility on a weapon that you only have to enchant once is amazing for them.  At low levels, they basically double their agi.  At high levels, its a nice boost above and beyond the heirloom bonuses.  Plus it sells for anywhere between 500-2000 gold (avg is probably about 750-1k).

Quick note:  To get to Felwood from Stormwind, I am taking the boat to Darnassus, then flying to Felwood from there.

OK, so I am basically doing a lot of questing.  All of the greens are being DEed (except for those that are good for transmog, which I have yet to find one).

And I think that is it for the day.  Not terribly much goldmaking, but we are basically investing some time into leveling plus getting that really good enchanting stuff.

But before I go, best....trinket......ever.

Alright, and I will end us there.  I will show you all how we did tomorrow.

Day 3

So, lets see how we did yesterday...

Ok, nothing sold.. but no matter, we are still sitting ok on our 20 gold and yesterday was an investment day, which we will continue today.

So I did the next piece of questing in Felwood.  A cool thing happened and I would recommend that you always keep an eye out for these.

Treasure chests give you a blue and several other goodies.  I am not sure, but i think I might have even got a bunch of XP, cause it dinged me after I looted it.

I did the quests, DEed the Greens I got from them, then decided to just head up to the Timbermaw and grind rep (it is easier than you think).  On my way though, my Silverdragon addon found me this.

Another green to add to the pile.  This one is the Royal trousers which I don't think are that sought after.  That is ok though, cause it will go into the DE pile, which I will definitely use.

Once I got up to Felpaw Village, there are quests waiting for me and the Furbolgs give 24 Rep a kill, which isn't bad.  They also give me XP so I am still leveling.  Plus they give Beads which turn in for like 1000 rep each.  So, I am going to grind up some rep with them.  I will lets you know how I do.  Plus as I am a prot paladin I might be able to AoE a bunch down at once.

Ok, so after 30 minutes of questing in the Timbermaw area and killing Furbolgs, I am honored with the Timbermaw, now I just need to get my enchanting up and I can learn the stuff.  Plus, I will use a little secret that @Faidtastic posted several months ago.

But for now, I need to be done.  It is time for work after all.

Day 3

Hello everyone.

OK, time to check our money.

So, nothing of Msohnekase's stuff sold, but I am not worried cause I know that those will.  They tend to sell anyway.  However, Gondamer sold all of his Cocoa beans for a nice profit.

So, we are going do another cooking daily for more profit.

And it was worth a level.  Gratz to me on 53.  At 55, I have devious, nefarious plans.  Or just a way I am gonna make me some money.  We got another 40 Beans, then put them up for 2.5 gold each, we will see if they sell.  OK, now to other stuff.  Also, that chest we found yesterday in Felwood had a blue polearm in it, I am gonna put that up for 35 gold and see if anyone buys it.

So, I did get Plate Specialization at level 50 and never took advantage of it, so lets go train some, then I am gonna do some dungeon for cloth and essence/dust.

We also have some mageweave cloth that we can tailor for 2 purposes.  First, it will level our skill.  Second, we can DE the greens for dust/essence, which we need as well.

Speaking of which, I should probably explain.  I went Tailoring/Enchanting on my paladin purely for goldmaking.  Tailoring is really good for getting extra cloth and if I actually farm it, it gets even better (and it is easy to AoE farm on a paladin).  The enchanting is a nice combo with tailoring and I can make money simply by DEing the stuff I get.  Speaking of which, I need to write an enchanting profession guide.  Maybe I will use Gondamer as a quick one...hmmm, maybe next week.

So we got 4 points of tailoring and now we DE them to get roughly 10 dream dust.  Not spectacular, but at least we are using as many tools as we can.

So now we do some enchanting.  It looks like the best way to enchant is through Bracer - Greater Strength (+7 Str).  So I am going to buy some Vellums  and try and sell them on the AH.  Low level PVPers might like an extra 7 str to bracers.  Besides, worst case, they are 6 silver deposit, its worth the risk to me.

Ok, so I just spent 20 minutes on a daily and crafting (this is what high levels can do to focus on making money and not play), so I would like to do a dungeon to try and get gold and stuff.

Interesting, I queued as Damage.  This should be fun.

Now, piece of advice.  When you are in dungeons, greed on all of the greens.  The reason is 2 fold.  First, you want to be able to DE it if you are one of those.  Second, Transmog pieces sell for a lot.  For eample, I juts got the Overlord Shield, which is this Big white shield with a clenched fist.  I think it looks awesome.  I think it will sell, so I greeded it and won.  Plus if you look on Power Word Gold Blog or the Hatchery, it is on Keelhaul;s mogging list.

So, good news.  The gear in BRD (the latter part) DEs in Large Brilliant Shards, which we will huse for our Agility Enchant to weapon.  And, thanks to being in a lvl 25 guild, we have the Bountiful Bags perk.

Now that is done, I am going to send the Overlord shield to Msohnekase and have her put it up.  I am going to put it up for 900 gold.  I could probably get more for it, but I will shoot for 900.

Alright, so I think I am done for the day.  I will be logging off today, but I will keep see you tomorrow....maybe.

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