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So, there are a lot of World of Warcraft gold-making blogs, and I like several of them. There is a lot of good advice all over.

However, what about gold information for those who are just starting or who are just starting on a new server? Certainly, gold in World of Warcraft isn't too hard to come by, but I want to make a blog for those who just started a level one on a server and are trying to get some gold for their mounts. That is what I am trying to do here.

My goal is to start a new character on a new server and examine some piece of gold making. I am not going to go into the high level gold making stuff, that is for others. This is to help you get started on gold making. Not all of the ideas are new, and when I post something, I will try and give credit to the place I read about it.

That is about it. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email to WoW.Ohnekase@gmail.com

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Ohnekase: Addon Updates

Quick Side note as well (which I am putting on a separate).  For Ohnekase on Earthen Ring, there are some addon updates.  The extra Addons are noted below.

New Addons

Adibags:  So, I am not a big fan of Bag addons, they usually are kinda a pain.  But, this addon has some features I like.  First, like all Bag addons, it puts all of your bags into one big bag, which is nice.  However, more importantly, it has a bag search, which is nice to have occassionally.  Second, it stacks up your items, which is handy for me.  Sometimes, I like knowing  exactly how much I have.

AtlasLoot:  This is one you probably won't see, but I like it.  It allows me to search all of the Dungeons, rep rewards and such, to see what I am getting.  Think of it like the Loot part of the Dungeon Journal, but for all dungeons.

Dominos:  This is an action bar replacement.  Basically, I just used it to update the way my bars looked.  Gives me a little more screen space.  And I like being able to see more of the world.

Dumpster:  You probably won't see this one, but it is handy.  It basically allows you to throw a bunch of stuff into your bank.  For example, you can ask it to put all glyphs in the bank, if that is what you do.

Gatherer:  This is great for farming.  Basically puts a note on your Map to show you where you can farm.

GoGoMount:  I love mounts, this basically will add a button that will randomly summon any mount I have.  I love it.  Not critical of course, but nice.

IceHUD:  Puts Bars on my side so it is easier to see what happens.

LilSparky's Workshop:  This is wonderful.  It will look at your crafting items and give you the cost of both the mats and the Auction House.  Nice to find things that might sell.  You would be surprised (for example, check out the Power World Gold Blog for an item he used to make lots of cash).

Mik's Scrolling Battle Text:  Consolidates the Battle Text, I like it.  Makes it a little easier.

Minimap Button Bag:  Consolidates My Buttons into a single button.  I can then keep them handy for when I need them.  Then I just click the button and they all show up.

My Sales:  This addons should keep track of our Sales.  That way we can take a look at what we got for everything.

Overachiever:  I like achievements.  This basically gives you searches, suggestions, and other nice features.  I think it is a great upgrade.

Postal:  Makes doing my mail easier.  I can open everything which is nice too.

SellJunk:  It does one thing, gives me a button on Vendors that I can press to sell all my grays.  It helps so much more than you would think.

SexyMap:  I like the way it changes my map.  Makes it look better.  Sexy, even lol.

SilverDragon:  This will tell me when Rare Mobs are around.  Rare Mobs have greens or blues.  Nice way to get extra money.

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